My Week In Pictures #108

Hi everyone – apologies for my slightly late posting today! What can I say I’ve been out being festive :D I am officially home for Christmas, have the auto reply set up on my work email, packed up my presents and drove home in the attempt to unwind, relax and enjoy this time of year =) This week marked the day of the Christmas party which was in London and involved me having to get 20 of my work colleagues onto the last train to Bournemouth! It was a fun (albeit stressful) night and was great to see some of my London work lot that I don’t get to see that often. We also had a mini Christmas party at work which had intense games of parse the parcel and pin the tail on the reindeer. I will be taking some ‘time off’ from my blog over this next week and a half so I can spend my time with friends and family and will be posting intermittently until the New Year. I just want to take a moment to give you all a massive Christmas squeeze, and shower you in kisses for all your love and support this year. My blog is a massive part of my life and sometimes I feel like I would be lost without it! Thank you all for sticking by, reading and commenting and I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings!


1. Impromptu photoshoot with Lola whilst I was taking some blog photos
2. Getting Dave into the Christmas spirit!
3. First Christmas/Roast meal of the week with the housemate – currently now on my 3rd one this week!
4. An epic chocolate log that my mum made thanks to a handy Mary Berry recipe
5. Late night train costuming and perfecting my armour :P
6. The day of the Christmas party! Popped on a slightly vampier lipstick to inject some colour and even went as far as eyeliner! Shocker!
7. The complete look! There was about 36 of us all dressed in these outfits on mass at the Christmas party – put it this way the photos are BRILLIANT!
8. The epic work Christmas party complete with food from all the countries (almost!) of the World!
9. The perfect film to watch with the family when you have just arrived back home
10. Getting my hur did’ at the Headmasters Mayfair salon. So swish inside and the most amazing chairs at the basins when you get you hair washed!
11. I have been wanting to try Tortilla for FAR too long and on Saturday finally gave myself the chance to go. One of the best burritos I have had an am already wondering when I can go back =)
12. The epic annual Christmas meal with my friends – 20 of us squished around the table to a delicious feast. Perfection =)

Hope you all having an amazing Christmas with your families and loved ones. All the best for the New Year and see you on the other side!!xx