My Week In Pictures #106

Happy 2 weeks and a day till Christmas! I feel it it was just the middle of November yesterday and now Christmas has snuck up upon us and is right around the corner! This weekend has marked my last weekend in Bournemouth this year (sounds so dramatic!) as next weekend I’m home for a long weekend and the weekend after that I’m home for Christmas! I’ve spent these past couple of days resting up and getting over a pretty hefty cold and finishing off the last of my Christmas shopping (whilst indulging in some things for myself too!) Looking forward to getting my family tree next weekend and decorating it whilst watching a classic Christmas film in the background =) Bliss!


1. Roast from last weekend that I wish I was eating again this weekend!
2. Found this old bad boy that 6 or so years later still works a treat
3. The joys of missing a couple of days advent calendar opening – the catch up :D
4. Slightly ghostly and very cold middle week face
5. Some bits to try out from my most recent Space.NK trip
6. The one good thing of running out – buying more :P
7. Nearly at the end of this bottle which is my favourite hair care item, didn’t use it one day and my hair was a mess!
8. New gold spiky necklace purchase
9. Giving my toes a Christmas pedi with these two picks on alternative nails – Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy

Big Christmas hugs and love to you all =)