My Week In Pictures #105

Welcome to a very cold and icy addition of ‘My Week In Pictures!’ The temperature has well and truly plummeted this week which has resulted in me running to the shops for jumpers, scarves, gloves and my very first onesie! (come on we knew it was going to happen at some point :P) I was working in the London offices on Friday which was nice as meant I got to bask in the Christmas lights and start some Christmas shopping. I do miss being around in London and I took full advantage of being home by going to enjoy the Southbank German Market last night and indulging in some mulled wine and Christmas treats. My first Christmas film has been watched and it’s only a matter of time before a yule log is bought!


1. Catching up on MIC snuggled in my Primark winter throw – the best thing I have bought all Winter! Cute Christmas pattern on one side and snug fleece on the other. Perfection!
2. Tried this out for the very first time this week and I was impressed!
3. This was stuck to the front of a parcel I received this week, needless to say I was sat chuckling to myself at my desk because of it
4. A sneaky little Feel Unique order! What can I say I had run out of micellar water and toner :D
5. A guy at work made some gingerbreads and made people a shape to reflect them – I got this very dodgy looks lipstick. Oh well it’s the thought that counts :P
6. Having some posh drinks in a bar in the Royal Festival Hall looking out over the Thames
7. Seeing Mystery Jets – one of the best gigs I have ever been too and even Laura Marling came on stage for a couple of songs!
8. This is what happens when you just go to have a look at the Essie stand in Boots. They are too beautiful to say no to!
9. SAAAAAAAAAANNNTA! This rather amazing looking Father Christmas was along the Southbank and after half a cup of Mulled Wine he looked that real that I thought, maybe, just maybe, he is the real Father Christmas! One can dream :P

Hope you had a brilliant week and the festive spirit is washing over you!