My Week In Pictures #103

This week has been the epitome of work hard and play hard! I’ve been working 10 hour days at work and literally coming home and going straight to bed. I have constantly been knackered and stressing over emails but decided to put all that aside for the weekend. What other way is better then forgetting about a stressful week at work then catching up with your friends?! I don’t see the point in working hard if you don’t know how to have fun at the same time =) Makes working hard more worth while too!


1. I am in love with this Antipodes Reincarnation Facial Exfoliator. It is a morning exfoliator that I have been using in the shower and it really helps to brighten my skin and give it an extra bit of TLC in the mornings
2. My hair is in need of a cut (and colour!) so to distract from the problem areas I have turned to curling my hair instead :P I’m never one to bother doing much to my hair so it has been nice styling it differently for a bit
3. When it’s Friday night, you can’t decide what to do and are contemplating a boring night in, your work friends turn up on your door declaring it is tequila night! Cut to 3am paddles on the beach after being thrown out of the venue because you friend decided the bar was there for her to climb on :P Impromptu nights out are the best!
4. Gig ticket arrivals causes far too much excitement! Can’t wait for this gig!
5. When your tired and need to muster up the energy for a mate’s birthday, Sir Mix A Lot is there to get you into the party spirit!
6. 2am bagels in Brick Lane – salted beef and cream cheese words can’t not describe how beautiful you were!

Hope you had a brilliant week. It’s safe to say this Christmas spirit is starting to flutter around and the countdown is on!!