My Week In Pictures #102

This week has been all systems go. There have been some changes at work that puts the spotlight on me a lot more and means my days are even more busy then they used to be! It’s going to be a challenge but one of those ‘career moments’ that if I don’t wimp out under the pressure, could be pretty darn awesome! I have also gotten into the habit of not wanting to spend evenings at home or cooking. This makes life very expensive as I’m forever nagging people to go out and eat but I am very lucky to have a social workplace so there is always an excuse to go out for a meal! I was also lucky enough to have one of my besties from my Uni days come and visit and we got to relive our students days which was a heck of a lot of fun!


1. Fireworks night! After a long day at work and an itch to see fireworks me and a couple of work friends hopped into the car and drove to Poole for the fireworks. As we were working late we didn’t get there on time but managed to catch the ending and then drove to Sandbanks for some fish and chips and cans of Pimms! Living the life!
2. I clearly have the coolest friends in the world and I know you are just jealous :P
3. What can only be described as an epic feast. Probs a good thing that this photo is pretty dark otherwise you would be able to see the amount of food we consumed!
4. The best thing to ever come from Primark. A £10 fleecy throw that is so snuggly and kept me warm and snug last night in bed =)
5. Sunday dinners. Sadly mine is the slightly pathetic looking lasagne for one and my flatmates is the impressive looking chicken but more fool him as as he took it out of the oven he proceeded to finish it off by chucking it all over the floor!
6. What else is better to do on a Sunday evening apart from catching up with trash TV!

Hope you all had a brilliant week =)