My Week In Pictures #98

Happy Sunday you lovely lot! Hope you have all had a brilliant week. After a long 4 day weekend I found it almost impossible to get back into the swing of work. For some reason when I have a backlog of emails it’s easier to put things off :P Also after a truly epic Saturday birthday night out the last thing I wanted to do was be at my desk. Instead a threw away what little money I had left on eating out a lot this week! But shh it never happened :D


1. Monday lunchtime Nandos with work – and boy was this needed!
2. Attempted a midweek prawn stir fry which actually did turn out quite as bad as I thought it would
3. Popping on Butter London’s Bossy Boots – the perfect pistachio green colour
4. Slight ghost like shocked faced but showcasing my new Ellis Faas Lipstick that I just can’t get enough of
5. The baking crew at work (yes we have a work Great British Bake Off crew with bets placed and all!) indulged in some tea cakes as shock horror I had never had one before!
6. Couldn’t wait to try out the other Butter London polish I picked up so had a Thursday night manicure with All Hail The Queen
7. My new love – the Laura Mercier Transparent Powder
8. Messing around with a fish tail braid and eyeliner
9. Back to the world of shellac after a brilliant manicure at Chelsea Nails. Accent nail and all!

Hope you all had a brilliant week. Shocked to say it but the countdown till Christmas is almost beginning?! I am now back in London every other weekend until Christmas and I can feel it creeping up on us!