My Week In Pictures #97

Well well well what a week it has been! I’ve been a bit absent from the blog the past few days. Had the most horrendous start to the week with work, stress and pressure being pilled on to the point I didn’t stop once throughout an 8 hour day. Luckily my mood improved by Wednesday where my week took a complete 180 degree change! I headed off home and had ‘nachos and natter’ on Wednesday night with friends that I sadly don’t get to see often enough. Then Thursday was the Cosmo Blog Awards followed by my Birthday on Friday and night out on Saturday! Needless to say I need at least another day to get over this long weekend but boy has it been brilliant!


1. Getting my hair done at the amazing Lisa Shepherd salon in London. They fixed up my roots, added some brighter highlights and popped up my hair in a gorgeous half up, half down style all ready for the Cosmo Blog Awards
2. All ready and off to the awards!
3. At the Cosmo Blog Awards at the Rose Club London. Had a brilliant night and got to meet and spend time with some utter beauts! Thank you again for your votes to get me nominated and able to go to the ceremony!
4. A last minute purchase to finish off the outfit, a stunning rose gold statement necklace from Topshop
5. Bloggers wagas – standard!
6. Birthday ballon and no, I don’t think I will ever be too old for these!
7. Off for a birthday trip to London =)
8. Having far too much fun in the new Selfridges beauty section discovering some great brands and having a bit of a splurge!
9. Birthday drinks at the Absolute Vodka Ice Bar
10. Glass made of ice? Don’t mind if I do!
11. All ready for a night out on the town with my amazing friends
12. Possibly one of the best gifts ever! How awesome is that! However I did squeal far too much at a gorge Laura Mercier prezzie too and beautiful lantern all the way from Thailand =)
13. This is the face that happens the morning after the night before when food is needed
14. Possibly one of the best cafes ever
16. I wonder what made me buy this book….. ;)

Hope you all had a brilliant week! I’m hoping this next one is going to be quiet so me and my bank balance can take some much needed time out!