My Week In Pictures #100

We made it people! This is officially the #100 My Week In Pictures! I can’t believe it has already reached 100 posts, time sure does fly! I love being able to look through this posts, almost like a mini diary, and see what I have been up to each week. A lot has changed, I’ve grown up, my blog has grown up and thanks to you guys for sticking with me I’m still here! Now onto the good stuff!


1. Daily makeup – which I pretty much wore for the entire week! Hey, who new I would turn into a simples neutral girl!?
2. A last minute overnight work trip to London popped up which totally meant I had to rush out and splurge on this gorgeous holdall from River Island
3. A great meeting in London = Ben’s Cookies to celebrate! And I’m proud that I bought so many it warranted me having a bag :P
4. My first attempt at home made quesadillas….mmmm they were good! And so easy to make!
5. Having a busy Saturday morning taking lots of blog photos
6. The carnage of putting my Halloween makeup together
7. The finished look! I am a person who hates Halloween and fancy dress so for me this is going all out! Had a lot of fun putting it together actually (but don’t tell anyone :P)
8. What Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without the joker flame throwing?!
9. BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER! And if your looking for it this was got from WH Smiths but I have found it in newsagents as well but never in a supermarket strangely enough!

Hope you all had a brilliant week, if you do like Halloween enjoy – but no scaring me :P

  • The dairy milk oreo is so good! xx

  • I love this chocolate! I can’t remember where I found it though…nightmare! xx

  • I love home made quesadilla’s! I’m allergic to pepper so never been able to try one in a restaurant before so I have to make do and mend with my own :)

    Cdee x

    • Yeah I’m not a fan of onions so don’t get on too well with restaurant ones – these were delicious!xx