My Week In Pictures #96

Well hello you lovely people! It’s a rather late one tonight isn’t it :P Apologies for the late-ness of this week’s post, my weekend has gotten away with me! I blame the fact that it’s been four people’s birthdays at work so there has been lots of celebrating and frolicking around town. Not only that – this new week marks the week of my birthday! I have booked a few days off work so will be heading home to spend some time with my friends and family. Can’t wait =)


1. Coming back to Bournemouth after a long weekend and seeing this snuggly face =)
2. Injecting a bit of neon colour midweek with an old classic – Eyeko Punk Polish
3. Thursday has become baking Thursday! Needless to say, a lot of baking was done and a lot of sugar was used!
4. This is what happens when there are 4 birthdays at work = a whole lotta CAKE!
5. Have been spritzing on buckets and buckets of this stuff to keep breakouts and red skin at bay
6. Friday night face for a big Outpost Birthday Bonanza!
7. I was far too happy to see this one off addition in Bournemouth square. A Mexican Street Food van and boy was it delicious
8. Arts festival this weekend in town and me and some friends ventured off to see the light show (sadly not very impressive)
9. The best way to finish off the week – a big old roast!

Hope you all had a brilliant week!