My Week In Pictures #94

Hello all you beautiful lot! Here we are again – another ‘My Week in Pictures!’ For some reason today hasn’t felt like a Sunday but more like a day off work from being sick, even though I’m not sick. Odd I know. Friday night was spent having dinner with a few work friends at my bosses house (sounds random but it’s a small office with not very many senior people so we are all the bestest of friends!). He cooked up a massive pot of spag bol and we bought some starters and had a really lovely evening. Then yesterday was spent with my mummy! She came to visit me for the day and it was brilliant. The weather in Bournemouth was glorious and it was so nice to spend the day with her =) The next few weeks/month is proving to be busy already but lots planned that I will share with you soon!


1. Having some fun on the Ikea website – and yes I want to buy this :P
2. This is what happens when my friend gets their first iPhone and it’s their birthday. I send them birthday photos like these!
3. Trying out some new Origins bits and I’m already head over heels in love with the Plantscription Foundation
4. Shirt days
5. This is what my friends send me, pictures of potato babies. Not gonna lie kinda want one!
6. Cooking up some peppers all ready to make some lunches for the week – organisation for the win!

Hope you all have a brilliant week =)

  • Love the potato baby :p Kind of things my friends send me too lol! xx

  • OMG THE BUNNY THE BUNNY! That is amazing, I’m obsessed now so so adorable!


  • Omg i love your bunny :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Need to try some origins products:)

  • I was in Ikea and saw that carrot and I am slightly ashamed to say that I bought it! Saying that, I definately don’t regret it – he’s extremely squashy and soft in real life, and the perfect size for hugs! I recommend him;) I’m probably too old to still be buying teddies aha, but oh well:)The carrots £7 in the Bristol Ikea I went too though! I love the shirt and the rabbit;)