My Week In Pictures #93

Hello all you lovely lot! Hope you all have had a lovely week, I can’t believe it is Sunday already! I’ve had a bit of a pants week and got caught by a nasty virus that kept me off from work for a couple of days. The joys of planes and going from a boiling hot country back to the chill of the UK! I have also developed a pretty strong allergic reaction to something in my flat so I keep waking up wheezing, sneezing and having a tickly throat. Not a good look I can tell you that! To make up for the week I had a friend from home come and visit me in Bournemouth. She picked up my spirits so much and it’s so nice to be able to catch up and have a friend around when your feeling a bit down. We spent yesterday out and about in Bournemouth and she even was brave enough to join some of my work mates on a night out! They are a crazy lot but it was a lot of fun =)
1. I finally lost my Inglot virginity after a complete unnecessary but very muchly wanted purchase! (FYI it is BEAUT-IFUL!!)
2. Trying out some colours from my new pallet and loving them!
3. Getting some exciting sweets with and even more exciting sweet treat inside thanks to #TedSweetTreat
4. Nurse Lola =)
5. Loving this at the moment! Vaseline Pink Bubbly = nom!
6. Attempting to shop and try out some new pieces
7. A delicious and cheeky indulgent lunch with my friend
8. What do you do when your friend from London comes to visit you? Make brownies and drink prosecco of course!
9. Getting ready for a Saturday night out. I really don’t think I have enough eye shadow options :pHere’s to the next week with my fingers crossed for some more Indian summer!