My Week In Pictures #90

Welcome to a pre-scheduled edition of ‘My Week In Pictures’. The writer behind this blog is currently sitting by a pool in Italy get her tan on so please enjoy this recorded message in her absence:
I’M ON HOLIDAY!! I am currently writing this on a Saturday night sweating my face off as London decided to have a mega heat day whilst being surrounded by stuff as I try and pack. I am so excited to go away and as you read this I will most likely be in Italy =) I am already dreading coming back to work and the sheer volume of emails that will be waiting for me but I am going to do my best to relax in the meantime. This week was spent getting my new flat in Bournemouth finally furnished. I am so glad it is all done and dusted so when I get back all I have left to do is the fun task of organising (and yes I’m already planning on how to do this :P)
1. Holy moly I am still blonde! Guess it wasn’t a wig then :P Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog post all about it. So glad that you all like it and so so glad that I finally took the plunge!
2. My new favourite website addiction. FreeCycle! What does it give you? A free TV with stand, remote, leads and manual from a really sweet retired couple who were just so happy to see their beloved TV go to a good home. Welcome free TV to the family!
3. Attempting to pack the epic Ikea haul into my car – note to all Corsa’s are really roomy!
4. Living room aka flat pack central
5. My new cupboard (temporary makeup storage which will soon move too…)
6. Malm! I may have ran around Ikea shouting Malm but it was worth it for this gorgeous desk that comes with a glass top that will soon be home to all my makeup and skincare items
7. New room finally taking shape =)
8. Going to see Brave with the work lot
9. Giving my skin some TLC before jetting off
10. New haircare bits to give life and love to my coloured hair
11. Holiday mani thanks to Essie’s Cute As A Button
12. The weather where I will be for the next week!!Hope you all have an amazing week =) I haven’t planned any blog posts whilst I am away as I wanted to try and do a couple of holiday edition posts while I am out in Italy. Fingers crossed the hotel wireless is up to scratch! Have a great week and speak to you all soon!xx

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