My Week In Pictures #88

Welcome to another Sunday! Oh and what a week (well weekend!) it has been =) First up Olympic fever which yes I have completely jumped on board with and am more then happy to do so. Team GB are incredible and I have loved watching every second of the games and seeing some amazing athletics do us so proud. This Sunday also marks the two week point until I go away to Italy! I am SO excited and can’t wait for a sun, a pool and a chair to sleep on :P Blissful!


1. Catching up on a very dramatic documentary show all about people in a town called Essex ;)
2. My new potato friend called Keith that already has a very special place in my heart
3. Oh hai face!
4. This is what happens when you have 38 people in an outpost, 4 of them leaving and a house to have a party in!
5. And no party is quite complete without a big old fire display and lots of worried onlooking neighbours!
6. After an epic house party and a slightly sore head what’s better then to grab the boys and head out for a Uni fuelled remembrance night out! And yes this place will forever be known to be as Elements – if your from Bournemouth you will know why!
7. Pitchers galore!
8. Lola having far too much fun at home =)

Hope you all had a great week and here is to another week full of the Olympics!!

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