My Week In Pictures #85

Hidi Hi! Here’s to another instalment of ‘My Week In Pictures!’ This is a slightly earlier post as later on tonight I am going to make a blog sale live! It will include lots of MAC bits including limited edition stuff, some Clinique bits and Benefit too. Moving back to Bournemouth and only taking my essentials with me I have forced myself to part with bits I hardly ever reach for. So keep your eyes peeled for that later =)
1. A storm a brewing!
2. Continuing on with mid week cocktails =)
3. The Olympic Torch comes to Bournemouth!!
4. Loving the torch hype
5. Even the woman was just as excited as I was ;)
6. All packed up for a night away in Milton Keynes
7. Shard spotting from Waterloo East
8. Swedish House Mafia!
9. Obviously too cool for school in my sunnies ;)
10. Basking in the fact that the sun came out and having an amazing day with friends
11. Thank god for wellies!
12. The best drink after a brilliant day and nightHope you all had a great week! Don’t forget to check out my blog sale later =)
  • personally I love instagram posts, I always think they look so cute and are a playful way to blog!
    will definitely check out your sale later- excited already!!

  • Sounds like a good week. Lilt is the best too!

  • I’m coming to Bournemouth next week for a couple of days. Could you possibly recommend a nice restaurant? You often post delicious food pics! :)

    • Oo there are lots! I love Barolo in Winton or Chimmychangas by the beach. Aruba is pretty good and has a great view too or the Urban Reef in Boscome =) xx

  • You’re so lucky to get SHM tickets :( I can’t wait for the torch to come near me on Friday! xx

  • wow i haven’t seen a can of Lilt for ages, it was by far my favourite 90’s drink – it’s practically vintage!