My Week In Pictures #84

Happy Sunday my lovelies! Hope you have all had a great week despite the rain. Fingers crossed at one point this year we will have an actual summer! Spent the weekend in Bournemouth and today was actually a really lovely day. Made a change! The rest of the week has been spent working, avoiding the rain and house hunting like a bad woman. Forget how stressful it was trying to find a house!
1. Reigniting my love with Origins VitaZing – need to get a summer glow somehow!
2. Midweek Pina Colada!
3. Going out to Chimmychangas for a work social and indulging in a enchilada!
4. Literally the best. drink. EVER
5. Lunch by the beach
6. Drinks which might have included a couple of chocolate milkshakes ;)
7. An epic chicken and bacon burger which I managed to eat just half off! Poor effort!
8. Spending time by the beach and doing a spot of paddling!Hope you all had a great week =)
  • Yu

    That burger looks EPIC. I want to go to Bournemouth now! :P

  • Ahh I love Mexican food – this post has made me so hungry! That drink from M&S is my favourite :) it’s just so nice! xx

  • Caz

    That food looks so good! I definitely need to try that lemonade too! xx

  • I love looking at beautiful pictures :)
    The pink cranberry and lemonade drinks sounds yummy! x

  • I love that M&S drink :)

    I’ve done a My Week In Pictures post too,check out what I found outside a Chanel boutique.

  • ohhhh cranberry lemonade, YUM!!!


  • Yummy food!! xx

  • My future hubby and i are off to Bournemouth in a couple of weeks for part of our “mini-moon”. Can you recommend a nice restaurant please? Your post has made me starving! x

    • Aw no way that will be lovely! Fingers crossed the weather is nice for you =) If you like Mexican food then Chimmychangas is great! Or you have a really nice Italian place called Barolo in Winton =) xx