My Week In Pictures #83

It’s July! And what’s that hiding in the corner? Sun?! Well it was yesterday =) So much so that a cheeky snooze out in the garden resulted in burnt knees! What a lovely sight that was :P Fingers crossed at some point this year we will have a summer – summer used to be my least favourite season (I am a winter bunny you see!) but this lack of sun has me craving it. Being cooped up in a windowless office where the lights are pretty much always off as well means that any sight of sun I am straight outside!
1. An epic Nandos of epic proportions which was, you guessed it, epic!
2. Kids are spoilt these days!
3. Oh hai Lola
4. Dinner and drinks at Grand Union – if you have never been to one, find one and go! They are awesome =)
5. Bubbles, more bubbles and disco lights!
6. Walking along Bournemouth beach after work
7. One of the best feelings – sand inbetween your toes
8. Lots of parcels, I do love parcels!
9. Friday night cocktails
10. This photo doesn’t do it justice but a new bag from Aldo with rose gold hardware. It is a BEAUT
11. Impromptu Space.NK makeover after a failed shopping trip that resulted in me actually in shock at my face – yes it was that good!
12. Dipping into the old savings to treat myself and recreate the ‘omg my face!’ face :DHope you all had an amazing week! Has anyone been watching the tennis? As soon as Wimbldeon is on I turn into a tennis fanatic!
  • I am obsessed with the tennis too! I love Wimbledon, I’m hoping to go some year x

  • lovely pictures! I am always dipping into my savings for treats x