My Week In Pictures #80

Happy Sunday everyone! Sadly the last of the 4 day weekends are over and the full grind of work is back upon us. This week hasn’t really felt like a real week as I moved to Bournemouth but only had 2.5 days of work before I came back to London again. What can I say I’m a London girl at heart! Think it’s going to take me a while to settle into my new place and get all my stuff set up – finding a new home for my makeup and skincare is a surprisingly hard task! I also went to Brussels for the day on Monday to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. It sadly rained all day but we had a great day and the most amazing lunch!
1. Getting into the Jubilee spirit!
2. Jubilee party at my friends house with home made scones
3. What no bank holiday would be complete without – a game of Monopoly!
4. Brussels <3
5. The hardest menu ever to read but the most ammmmaazing food
6. Can’t go to Brussels without treating yourself to a waffle (with ice cream :P)
7. Trying to pack up m skincare for the big move
8. Seeing the Maccabees at Ally Pally aka Best Gig Ever! (they even played my all time favourite song, swoon!)
9. Saturday night face
10. Cheese and wine night!
11. My mum’s wardrobe – and she wonders where I get my obsession from!
12. Treating myself and my handsHope you all had a great week – fingers crossed the sun comes back!