Bumble and Bumble Thickening Serum

You all know I love anything to do with big voluminous hair. Whether it be volumising mousses, hair sprays, treatments, serums, shampoos you name it if it has the word volume in it I want to try it! Alongside the need for volume I also wanted to try out some products from the highly recommended Bumble and Bumble range. Luckily I had a gift voucher to splurge at Space.NK (my haul can be found here) and this Thickening Serum (£21.50) caught my eye. It is a pricey little number but teamed with the fact that it says on the bottle that it really does work and that I had my trusty voucher in toe I went ahead and picked a bottle up.This is a treatment oil that is meant to help fortify and thicken each strand of hair. I have been using this twice a day- once at night at once in the morning and each time I pump 3 pumps worth into my hand. Once I’ve tried not to spill the oil out of my hand I then run it through my hair focusing on the roots. Then with whatever is left in my hand I run it through the tips of my hair.
As you can see the oil is very runny! It almost didn’t want to be photographed :P The instructions on the bottle say that you can use this in damp or dry hair. I mainly use this in dry has as when my hair is damp I’m busy putting in a handful of other volumising products! The big question is does this product really work? When I use this product I do feel like I can see a noticeable difference. My hair feels thicker and fuller and visibly there seems to be a lot more life to my hair. What’s great about this product is that as it is an oil it doesn’t leave any residue or build up in your hair. You can pop it in at night or the morning and the only difference you will see is plumper hair!

The price tag does put me off a bit and makes me hesitant to run out a repurchase it but this combined with all the other hair products I have been using at the moment seems to be working magic. My hair is less thin, less prone to flyaways and seems to have more hold and volume. I think I will see how long this bottle lasts for – but so far after almost a months worth I seem to have a fair amount left. The Bumble and Bumble Thickening Serum – it really does work!

  • Like you, I’m obsessed with adding volume to my hair!
    I’m not sure that I could bring myself to spend that much on one product unless it was the only thing that I’d need to use to give my hair more life, but I am always hearing good things about the Bumble and bumble range… we’ll see!

    Thanks for the detailed review!

    -Olivia x

    • I think if it lasts a good amount of time and does the job it helps to add more value for money – just got to make sure I don’t get through the bottle too quickly!!xx

  • Zoe

    I’ve been tempted to try this but was put off by the price! Glad it doesnt leave any build up/residue, think i might have to go for it!xx

    • I think it’s one of those products you need to bite the bullet and go for as it is really great! Damn that price tag!xx

  • I love things that add volume to my hair, but it is a little pricey. A few of my friends have the bumble range, I might buy something. Just a little treat ^___^

  • I really like the looks of bumble and bumble products! The price tag puts me off though! My Mums a hairdresser too so I rarely pay/pay full price for products!

  • Have you tried some of the TIGI volumising products? I swear by Queen For A Day Thickening Spray & Biggie Hairspray. They’re amazing x

  • This product sounds amazing.. but that price noooo :(

  • My hair annoys the hell out me…. It’s massive but so flat on the rots Nd no amoun of back imbuing or scrunching gets it up. I think it’s actually too heavy for its own good.
    This product intrigues me though… I’m a hardened argan oil user, but I may have to cheat on it just this once ;)

    Poppy x

  • I am a big fan of Bumble and Bumble products. I use this product because I have thin hair with thin strands. If I use this at daytime I pair it with Bumble and Bumble’s Surf’s spray, it really works magically. No frizz and yet my hair is not weighed down. It’s soft and manageable. :) Hair Extensions

    • I use it with the Surf Spray to and it’s magic! Both of them together give me instant volume and texture – love it!xx

  • I’ve never heard of this brand and it looks like a good product but its too expensive! I’d have a heart attack spending so much on a hair product!! x

  • Very, very tempted by this. Especially after your review. I’ve wanted to try some Bumble and Bumble products for ages now – so maybe I will have a little splurge and go for this! xo

  • I’ve not heard of this product before but it does sound good after reading your review. I recently reviewed 3 big hair products on my blog -check it out and follow me if you want! http://prettywithapunch.blogspot.co.uk/

  • I’m forever looking for products to make my hair look thicker and despite the price this sounds perfect, just the post I was looking for. I have only just found your blog and Ive really enjoyed looking through, I love finding a great new blog to follow :)

    • Aw thank you so much for your kinda comment =) And if you can bypass the price this product is ace!xx

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