My Week In Pictures #78

Whoda thunkit –  a week in pictures post where I can finally say the sun is here (and fingers crossed here to stay!). It’s been such a lovely week that I’ve even bought out the old cut off leggings and sandals. Walking around London is an absolute meltfest but at work they had the air con on full blast so trying to wear something for both hot and cold temperatures has been interesting! I spent the day in Bournemouth on Thursday meeting the team that I will be working with when I moved down. Feels very weird being back there but it’s gorgeous in the sunny weather – just have to remind myself that I am no longer a student and I can’t spend all day on the beach :P

1. London in the sweltering sun but looking gorgeous!
2. Scoop in Soho. If you ever want an ice cream or just want to gaze at something that looks insanely amazing you HAVE to go here. Pretty much the best ice cream I’ve ever had.
3. Afternoon tea as you do in London :P
4. Day trip to Bournemouth. Air conditioned train for the win!
5. Oh hai face
6. Maccabees tickets arrived – far too excited to go see them!
7. Nachoes and Mojitos with mum after work.
8. Watching a friend swim a mile in the Thames for the British Gas Great East Swim.
Hope you all had an amazing week, enjoyed the sun but splashed on plenty of SPF and a sun hat!