My Week In Pictures #77

Here we are everyone – back to another Sunday! And not just that the second to last Sunday in May! Here is hoping for some sun in June! I don’t have very many photos from this week as this week was the start of my big job. It was a manic week of long hours and busy days but I loved every second of it and learnt an absolute ton! Needless to say most of my evenings were spent doing as little as possible however I have had a shake up of my skincare routine to fully trial out some new things which I will be able to share with you soon!
1. Making the purchase of a Moleskin slightly redundant but nevertheless felt geekishly happy carrying this around all week!
2. Ever wondered how to keep a 3 year old rabbit entertained? Here is a very specific and detailed planned of how to do such a thing. Order something online (you get to treat yourself in this plan how awesome is that?!), open the package that arrives, take our your treat, place the empty box on your bed and your rabbit will do the rest!
3. Experimenting a bit with my shorter hair and the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver
4. My first China Glaze nail polish aka love at first sight. Below Deck we are going to be great friends!
5. Changing room lolz for the win
6. Space.NK hauling aka the perfect SundayHope you all had a great week =)
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