My Week In Pictures – Easter Special! #71

happy easter sunday you lovely people! hope you’ve all had a great day and are having a great bank holiday weekend. its been so nice having these few days off from work and i’ve spent my time catching up with friends – perfection!
1. finally got my hands on this! i caved (do you expect anything else from me?!) however im being good and not using it until my darphin one is finished
2. a rare occasion. me leaving the house with my hair up!
3. sneaky mid week treat while my dad was away
4. van morrison to lift my mood on the commute to work
5. kisses!
6. going for a swim (aka floating around the pool for 20 minutes :P)
7. face ready for the boat race
8. evening makeup for a night on the town
9. essie mint candy apple and tanned hands
10. the boat race where we didnt have a clue about anything that happened and we saw exactly 10 seconds of the race
11. my easter card from my easter bunny! lots of licks!
12. easter goodies <3