My Week In Pictures #73

this week has been a pants old week. well had a few gems throughout the week but the truly hideous weather and a less then fun week at work has resulted in said pants week. i also have had my windows painted in my bedroom and the fumes have given me the worst cluster headache. if you wiki cluster headache is shows a picture of a man with a gremlin man pulling his eyelid up and poking his eye. cluster headaches basically make you feel like someone is twisting your brain and ever so often you get a lovely jolting stabbing pain too. what an enjoyable subject i share with you =) onto the photos!
1. making use of my pout makeup bag by creating an ‘at work essentials’ makeup bag a la anna from vivianna does makeup
2. a much needed mid week cosmo that was more fruity then most cosmos but utterly delicious
3. primrose cupcakes at work aka making me look like a cupcakeaholic by running to the box and devouring a cupcake
4. friday night cider night
5. beauty in a nail polish thanks to nail inc porchester square
6. finally making it out of my bed today and burning a candle whilst cleaning my makeup brusheshope you all had a great week and fingers crossed for a dryer week next week!
  • Daw, my week at work has been pants too… At least you got cupcakes! x

  • that cocktail looks amazing! the weather has been absolutely disgusting hasnt it, it just cant seem to make up its mind its so annoying.

  • Yu

    Cute make up bag! Blimmin’ love cosmos and Rekorderligs.. what an alcoholic comment..

  • Oooo cupcakes and lovely nails.
    I cleaned my brushes too , I needed to share that : )

  • cupcakes look delicious! I am a lover of that cider, the only one I’ll drink! xx

  • Wish we had cupcakes in our office this week! Hope this week is better for you!

  • Your pout make up bag is so cute ! xx

  • I always love these kinds of posts :) Cosmos, cupcakes and cider, sounds like a good week to me :) xx

  • Those cupcakes look scrumptious :) I love the Nails Inc polish so pwetty :)


  • mel

    Those cupcakes are gorgeous, you’ve given me a right craving! I hope you have a better week next week lovely xxx

  • cleaning my brushes it something which takes me a while to get round to doing but using them again after being washed makes them so soft again. The cosmo look delish. x

  • Totally love that cider, it tastes like juice. I used to drink it in the car back from work (we worked away in teams and no I wasn’t driving) so yeah a bit chavvy. I probably couldn’t drink it in a bar because it would bring back too many memories of hanging out of the way of the window so someone could flick ash off their cigarette as we bombed through scotland at midnight…

    man I’m classy.


  • I know this sounds odd, but I do love cleaning my makeup brushes!?!