My Week In Pictures #72

a bit of a short ‘my week in pictures’ post from me today. this week has literally flown by even tho ever day seemed to drag. how is that possible?! after have a great bank holiday weekend going in to work on tuesday (and the rest of the week :P) was a massive drag. i had no motivation all week and literally crashed out at home each night. how dull! there aren’t that many picture to share either, unless you want a lot of my miserable looking face!

went to the diner on friday night in shoreditch. i have been waiting to go to this place for ages and it didn’t let me down! full on american food and classics that tasted delicious. they even did chocolate milkshakes which i inhaled pretty darn quickly! i have a chicken burrito for dinner which was delicious and a side of sweet potato fries that were beyond perfection!
a cheeky shot of my face before i went out last night. we had a girls night and went round to one of my friends houses for dinner and then out on the tooon! once out we danced and sang at the tops of our lungs for about 3 hours straight! was a brilliant night out =)
hope you all had a great week and arn’t morning the lack of a bank holiday too badly. least we have may day one round the corner!