My Week In Pictures – Sharing The Blog Love #67

i wanted to do a bit of a different ‘my week in pictures’ post this week. i wanted to use this post as a chance to share some blogger love. it can become quite easy sometimes to get stuck in a blogging routine of reading the same blogs. the blogging community can be quite cliquey. not in a bad way but its almost overwhelming how many blogs are out there any how many new ones get started each day that its easy to read the same blogs or types of blogs.

i think its important in a community that is so large and that can quite often be so hateful to support each other. i think that when you go to your stats corner of your blog that it would be nice if the main traffic sources came from fellow bloggers. if it wasn’t for people reading blogs and promoting blogs most large blogs wouldn’t be where they are today. so how about spending an evening looking through your favourite blogs, finding some new ones and sharing your finds with your readers =)

so here are my finds! some new, some old, some big, some small. i also have a page up at the top called love list that i keep updated with blogs that i love so keep an eye on that for some great reads.

yu –
georgina –

if anyone says they are worried about going to an event alone or meeting new people these two ladies above are proof not to be worried! i met them before a TOWIB and we spent the whole event chatting away. really lovely ladies with great blogs that always make me end up extending my wish list (or lusting further for curls in my hair!)

laura –
nat –
maria –
jayne –

some more lovely ladies. nat (believe it or not!) was my house mate from uni that i used to sneak in a mention of! she has started up a blog so make sure you pop by and have a gander. laura i met at the most recent TOWIB event (clearly a great event to meet people!) and i love reading her blog. sometimes i sit down with a cup of tea (even though i hate tea but you catch my drift) and read through all her latest blog posts. maria and jayne i met at a recent event and we had a good old natter about all things blog! its amazing how much you can witter on about blogging for.

estee –
meg –
kat –
jennie may –

amazing blogs (even with a couple of youtube channels alongside!) needless to say these girls are able to shape a lot of what ends up going in my shopping bags :P these should always been on your read list.

hope you enjoyed this post. i hopefully will be doing a few more of these but like i said i have my love list page on my blog which is a great place to find some amazing blogs and people. enjoy!

woops i only went and missed someone out!
amelia –
one of the newer blogs that i have found that i just love to read =)