my week in pictures #64

what a busy couple of weeks! sadly there was no ‘my week in pictures’ last week as i was busying myself away in new york. what a shame :P so this post will be an epic catchup of the last two weeks =)

1. nom food from giraffe in southbank with some lovely bloggers before the ZOMG lipstick launch
2. a cookie decorating class! mum and i went to an evening cookie decorating class. it was free (neighbour said someone had pulled out so we could take their place) and we didn’t know what to expect but it was a lot of fun! learnt how to ice using a piping bag and how to make roses out of sugarpaste
3. out for dinner at the real greek. literally i could not eat enough humus :P
4. caved and bought some boots! these are the nikita boots from office. they have a smaller heel then the topshop boots which means they are perfect for me!
5. jetting off to new york!
6. time square <3
7. literally the best NOM pancakes like ever!
8. my and my friend at the wedding just before the ceremony
9. the bride and her father (who fyi is an official santa clause!! awesome!)
10. dominos!! this is literally the best treat food ever and strangely enough was something i craved when i got back from new york! mum and i had a girls night in when dad was away so scoured the pizza menu and settled on this treat. large mighty meaty stuffed crust. bliss!
11. going to the mary portas store in house of fraser oxford street. one of the guys from the tv show still works there too!
12. hummingbird bakery cupcakes for the win
and a photo of charlotte <3
hope you all had an amazing two weeks =)