my week in pictures #63

whoda thunk it its already the last weekend in january! tho saying that i haven’t felt like this month has flown by which is nice. i feel like i managed to do a lot, go out a lot and catch up with a lot of people. it was a nice month and a great start to a new year =) lets hope the rest are the same!

1. some pretty darn cool post-its that i saw in stylist magazine. being a fan of all things stationary related these (as cheryl would say) are right up my street!
2. spending the afternoon in the john lewis customer service pick up warehouse. after mum read this sign (which says stay in your car a member of staff will be with you soon) she proceed to get out the car, got confused when the door had disappeared and then ignored the member of staff chasing her shouting ‘madame stay in your car’. so much fun to be had in a customer service pick up warehouse
3. ROAST! that i am still feeling the after effects from but damn it was good
4. i did not buy a chanel lipstick. i will be showing it to you on my blog this week. i am weak
hope you all had a great week =)