my week in pictures #61

apologies in advance but this post is coming from a place that is beyond a level of tired. i dont know if i have ever felt this tired before but if your 24, go away to bournemouth for two nights for a friends birthday, decide its a good idea to drive there and back and then go out again for another friends birthday. dont. your too old. yes it was a lot of fun but now i just want to curl up for a long time and sleepnot just that. i am also apparently too old to remember to take photos of my week anymore :P so instead i will show you a sneaky purchase i made today. don’t i just love to purchase! i went to westfields with my mum today (when i should have been asleep) to spend a voucher i got for christmas. alongside some savings i was able to purchase this beauty
this is the michael kors 5128 in rose gold. it has a smaller face and strap then the other which i like and it suits me a lot more then the gold or silver

i also picked up a sample of this to try as it has finally been released! i cant seem to get on too well with my matte lumiere so am interested to see what this is like!
hope you had a great week