2012 new year resolutions – beauty and life

cheesy new years eve shot :p

before i made my new resolutions i thought it would be best to actually look at last years ones. then i can see which ones, if any, i achieved. last year (post can be found here) my resolutions were:

♥ no buying makeup until the IMATS (this will be hard!) – this i know i didn’t stick to :P
♥ fill my mac pallet – after taking the plunge and depotting this was achieved! post here
♥ improve my skin care routine – this i achieved by venturing into the wonderful world of liz earle. post here
♥ find a better storage solution for all my makeup – this was done with the help of muji (here) and whsmiths (here)
♥ drink more water – got better at this by making use of my bobble (mentioned here)
♥ de stress before bedtime (either apply a face mask or a good night cream so i relax before bed) – never happened!
♥ get my eyebrows regularly waxed and tinted (i don’t cos of the cost but its so worth it!) – pretty much stuck to =)
so what’s on the list for 2012?
1. improve my posture – i am TERRIBLE at slouching and really need to stop otherwise i will be the hunchback of notre-dame!
2. look after my hair. after 2011 being the year of improving my skincare routine 2012 is the year of improving my haircare routine
3. start ‘shopping the stash’ on a weekly basis to give old products some new life and means i actually get some use out of the things i own
4. be positive! my parents can be so negative about things and its amazing how much your luck can change if your more positive about things
5. be happy and healthy in everything i do – bit general but i figured if your happy and healthy your doing alright!
here’s looking at you 2012!

  • I’m so withyou on the posture thing :P I sit like im asleep most of the time ha-ha. Good luck with your makeup resolutions :)


  • You look gorgeous in your new years eve picture! :) I plan on shopping my stash this year and buying less make-up too! I love reading posts like these – I’m going to do one once my Thursday exam is out of the way. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year :) xx

  • Yu

    I’m the same about the slouching I hate it! Totally know what you mean about parents – they mean well but they are really bad for it, aren’t they?! :P Great resolutions love!

  • Aw Siobhan, these are fantastic resolutions. I’m so with you the positive thinking, when I came back from NYC in November I just thought, right its nearly Christmas, try and be more positive about things and not let things get to you when I was at work and stuff and I really think I managed it and am continuing it onto this year! It’s so easy to be dragged down by others and once that happens you feel fed up and all that, yay to being positive :D

    And posture? OMG. I am 26 in August and I sit cross legged or with one leg behind my bum (if you get me) ALL the time, at work ALL the time, its so bad and I have the most terrible backache all the time and I’m not saying its because of this 100% but it must attribute to it. You should see the state of how I’m sat right now as well it’s ridiculous! I need to grow up or I’m gonna have some right probs the older I get!

    Can’t wait to meet you at IMATS xxx

  • you forgot…dip in the ocean with natalie :)

    I started ANOTHER blog…are you proud?

    Miss u xxx

  • @fashionismyh2o – thanks so much! fingers crossed i wont be a hunched back in 2013!xx

    @Sarah – aw your too kind!! best of luck in your exam sweets and looking forward to reading your resolutions xx

    @Yu – they really are! i never knew people to be so negative about anything and everything! im doing my best to ignore them :P xx

    @Carlito86 – aw thanks hun! i was doing the whole positive thing just before christmas and it does make such a difference. so glad your a positive person too! we can keep each other positive =) and also i SO know what you mean about the one leg behind my bum! i always sit like that in the office then complain when i have pins and needles! im terrible! i need a piece of wood in my top to keep me straight (haha that sounds so odd!!)xx

    @Bella Luna – YAY YOU!! love the look and sound of your new blog. so exciting :D and i am already far too excited for a dip in the ocean it has been FAR too long. can’t wait to see you soon xx

  • wow i cant believe you stuff to them, i am terrible at sticking to my new years resolutions xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  • @RavingBeautyx – a few i am able to do but some always slip through the net =) xx

  • Good choices, hope you manage them! X

  • @Char – thanks! me too haha xx

  • Aahh I love that we have the same storage drawers for our makeup! Mine’s the same box of drawers, but the bright pink & black leaf print version :) I’ve been thinking of getting something new, but I think if I just rejig everything, my makeup should all fit fine :)
    You’ve inspired me to use this year to sort my skin out. I have great products (Liz Earle for one, namely encouraged by you haha!) I just have no routine as I’m bad & lazy :/ So this year will be the year of a fresh faced Steph! I think doing something like this for a resolution is a great idea as sorting your hair or your skin or your wardrobe takes time, not just to get into a routine, but to find the right products, etc. I’m thinking I’m going to try & focus on one aspect of ‘me’ in that sense every year :)

    You look just stunning in your NYE pic btw :) just beautiful!

    Big love

    Steph xx

  • @Steph – i do love my cupcake storage boxes! just slightly overflowing now :P choosing to look after my skin last year made a big difference and i’ve been able to find some great products and get into a routine that really looks after my skin. fingers crossed i can do that same for my hair!xx

  • lovely resolutions :). Should really make some.


  • as for the posture Im like carlito86, always sat stupid and being slouched.


  • @Georgia – you should :P i need someone to remind me about my posture its only when i get pins and needles i remember im doing it wrong again!xx