my week in pictures #57

this week has mainly been spent decorating the house for christmas. i love the house when its all decked out in its christmas glory and this is the first time in 5 years i’ve been home for the run up to christmas so i am making the most of it =) for this ‘my week in pictures’ i thought i would show you our christmas decorations so far. also i must admit the only thing i did was the christmas tree. everything else was made by my very talented mum!
1. my mini 2ft tree in my bedroom that was bought for £3 from amazon!

2. our christmas tree – as you can see we choose the silver and white theme this year (and a cheeky shot of charlotte :P)

3. wreathe with the decoration i bought while i was in new york

4. decorated stair case =)

5. mantlepiece in our dining room

6. mantlepiece in our living room

7. lola <3

now i can well and truly say i am feeling the christmas spirit!

  • too freaking lovely! im coming over! xxx

  • Loving your decorations, so pretty x

  • all of your decorations are so pretty! X

  • Aww their so pretty. xx

  • @SugarRush – come! lasagne and christmas decorations what more could you want!? :P xx

    @♥ Sadie ♥ – thanks so much =) xx

    @Char – my mum has some patience! i would have given up half way through any of these :P xx

    @Abby – thanks =) xx

  • The decorations all look absolutely beautiful! xxx

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  • @TheOtherSideofCool – thanks so much =) well really i should say thanks to my mum :P xx

  • awww this is cute. I wish I had stairs so I could have one of those stair decoration things (lost my words apparently). I could put them on the stairs leading up to my flat but the devil would probably steal them.


  • that made no sense. xxx

  • Looks like a very cute christmassy week! And a cute bunny :-)


  • wow your decorations are beautiful :)
    have a nice christmas

  • Your decorations are lovely!

    And you have such a very cute bunny! :) x

  • Your Christmas decorations are so lovely :) I want a little Christmas tree in my room! Your rabbit is adorable aswell :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  • @Georgia – it made so much sense. you live in a flat with demon people in the building =) see!xx

    @loveletters and snippets – it has been indeed and ive loved it!xx

    @MissLyndseyJA – thanks so much xx

    @ButterflyBoo – lola says thank you =) haha xx

    @FrancesCassandra♥ – this is the first year i’ve had a tree in my room and i love it. well worth the £3!xx

  • Gorgeous, I love all your decs – especially the ones going up the stairs. That star on the mantlepiece looks familiar, I think I have the same one! xx

  • @flutter and sparkle – thanks lovely!! can’t remember where the star is from but its paper and you fold it to open it then we popped some lights inside it =) xx