my week in pictures – NYC special #53

well hello blogging world! i feel like a vulnerable new blogger as i haven’t sat down to write a post in what feels like forever! however with the internet at my finger tips i couldn’t miss out on a my week in pictures post :P so here it is! a NYC special!
1. madison square park

2. times square whilst sitting on the red steps that appeared in the glee new york episode. yes i may have belted out a couple of tunes in my head :P

3. DAVE AND BUSTERS!!!!! i won a jackpot on one of the games. hello 1,500 tickets and a teddy bear!!

4. me and lou on the staten island ferry

hope your all having a great weekend =) we are off to smooze along fifth avenue oh you know maybe pop into bloomingdales and have a cheeky stroll along central park. just the standard weekend :P