my week in pictures #55

hope you have all had a great week. this week has been a busy work week but mum and i did venture out and see the help on wednesday night. it’s a really good film and i was unsure about seeing it at first as usually after work i can zonk out in the cinema but this film kept me wide awake =)


1. christmas lights on regent street. after a meeting near old bond street i couldn’t resist a walk up carnaby street to see the lights and maybe indulge in some essie polishes from libertys :P
2. i managed to pick up a mua immaculate collection pallet! as soon as i saw these grace the bloggersphere i knew i wanted to get my hands on one. for £8 its a bargain! fyi i picked this up in the wandsworth superdrug =)
3. this is what i pretty much spent my saturday night doing. depotting my sleek and mua pallets. so glad i did as means all my pallets are now in once place meaning i should get a lot more use out of them
4. today mum and i went to the christmas shop in harrods to get inspiration for christmas decorations this year. needless to say we managed to pick up a few decorations to put on the tree! it really is starting to feel like christmas is just around the corner and i love it!
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  • I saw the Help with my Mum, I thought it was really good! The best bit was that my Mum literally needed the toilet the whole way through the film, and every other scene was about a loo haha. Esp the part where they are all over her garden!

    – Allie x

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  • woooooo its nearly christmas xx

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  • Lovely photos, I work on Oxford Street so always see the Christmas lights there, they always put me in a Christmassy mood :)



  • oh, i miss Harrod’s! i loved visiting at Christmas. they ahve the most amazing displays.

    just stopping by to check out your latest posts. xo

  • I love the Christmas lights! :) x

  • @AllieUK – haha that’s brilliant! though i shouldn’t laugh as i was the same :P xx

    @RavingBeautyx – its so exciting :D xx

    @Jess – thanks! so jel of you working on oxford street!xx

    @kristie – they do don’t they. was the perfect place to go to for christmas inspiration xx

    @ButterflyBoo – me too =) xx