my week in pictures #51

happy sunday! for once i had an actual social life and was out thursday, friday and saturday night! although none of them was for halloween. i am a big halloween hater it has to be said. not a fan of dressing up or themes and as i have a childhood fear of people in costumes halloween doesnt bode well
1. i went to vapiano on thursday night to meet up with some friends that i havent seen for 5 years! was lovely seeing them and i really like this restaurant. i went to the one just off oxford street and you get given this card and everything you order is put on the card which you pay for at the end. nifty!

2. soap & glory cosmetics is finally here! i may have let a little squeal out when i saw this stand although useless boots sticking a new launch behind a pole!! ijeeets!

3. what everyone loves to play after a dinner party. a bit of forfeit jenga!

4. one word. nose nom. nuff said

hope you all had a great week and weekend

  • Gotta love the Soap&Glory makeup stands!!! So pretty!

  • I love Jenga! And I’ve never smelled raspberry and papaya! It must smell like a farm and a tropical island made a baby! Haha.

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  • @*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* – they really are! they make me want to buy everything!xx

    @Wida – jenga was a right old laugh!xx

  • You hate halloween?! We are no longer friends. :|

    Nar I hate it aswell. I never manage to hit the right level of slut that halloween dictates. I either stand out for not wearing a sexy outfit or stand out for wearing too slutty an outfit. Nightmare.


  • @Georgia – haha i knew you would hate it too! fancy dress full stop is enough to make me hate anything :P xx

  • i love jenga

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  • @RavingBeautyx – me too =) xx

  • desperate to try the soap and glory cosmetics, looks fab, new follower! :)