my week in pictures #45

another week another ‘my week in pictures’ post. autumn is creeping up on us which means my new coat can come out and play and all the great tv is back on! as you might to be able tell the winter months are my favourite :P not just cos of the great tv but cos i love wrapping up and feeling all snuggly
onto the photos!IMG_0433IMG_0435


1. st james in london. i’m never usually around this area of london but think i will go more often as there is lots of things to see and do =)

2. one great thing about south bank? free screenings of a new comedy production starting james corden!

3. my name badge for the future of mobile conference i went to on friday

4. shopping when i have no money. when will i learn!?

5. this is where i will be spending most of my week in this building right by the o2 doing training. woop!

hope you all had a great week