my week in pictures #42

i’m a bad blogger. for the first time (ever!) i dont actually have any photos to put in my ‘this week in pictures’ post SHOCK HORROR slap on the wrist
i’ve seen a few bloggers say, and i agree, that you thinking finishing uni and getting a job you having more time. lies. you have less. ive been at work all day then for the majority of the week out in the evening too. not that im complaining at all as its been a lot of fun and i’ve eaten at restaurants 5 nights running (naughty me) all in all i might as well have not had a phone this week as i’ve completely forgotten to use it :P
so what can i say in this edition of ‘my week in pictures that doesn’t actually contain any photos cos im a plonker?’
inbetweeners – actually a proper laugh and well worth seeing
one day – overrated and dull in places
nandos southside in wandsworth – yummmmmy
kitchen italian in westfields – still mentally busy at 9pm on a weeknight
wachaca mexican restaurant in westfields – delicious
vapino off oxford street – a long wait for food but great place to go with a crowd
fanoos east sheen – perfect comfort food
hope you all had a great week
  • i would love to read one day, not too bothered about seeing the film though (: lovely blog btw! xx

  • @Essie. – i mainly went to see the film as i hadnt read the book. kinda wish i had done it the other way round now. thanks for your comment xx