my week in pictures #41

i’m back!!
this week has been MENTAL! monday night saw me do an all nighter at uni ready for my deadline on tuesday. tuesday i handed in my last ever masters project and i am officially DONE with education after 20 years!! its quite scary thinking i will never be in education again and have so far only spent 4 years out of my life not in education. then on thursday i moved out of my flat in bournemouth and friday i moved out of my office in bournemouth and into my new office in london. but now im home =)






1. my final masters project in all its glory and that equates to over 16,000 words

2. saying goodbye to bournemouth. on the evening after i handed in my work i went out for dinner with friends and then we drove down to the beach to put our feet in the sea and bid a final goodbye to bournemouth

3. getting ready for my friends birthday party. nuff said!

4. lola watching the great british bake off with me. i seriously LOVE that show!!

5. one of the perks of being back home. tuna stake for dinner. OMNOMNOM

6. lola and charlotte enjoying some time outside in the garden, tho charlotte looks less then impressed to be having a photo taken of her :P

7. i just had to include this photo. one man and a bunny

hope you all had a great week =)

  • Aw I love how your rabbit watches programmes with you haha! Also love the look your cat is giving at having her photo taken :’) x

  • congratulations on finishing uni…I was meant to go to bournemouth in 2008 but i couldn’t afford the fee’s outside of wales, was going to do journalism.

    Love the post! xxxx

  • Yu

    Hahahaha such cute photos! Congratulations on finishing uni – I’m just about to start my masters degree, it’s exciting but not so excited about all the work crammed into one year :P

  • @shanice – it was very cute! she doesn’t do it very often but she must love baking :P xx

    @Rachel – thanks so much!xx

    @Yu – thank you! a masters is a mental year but i found it so worth it. its also a bit easier doing all that work knowing that it is the last time you will be doing uni work! good luck with it =) xx

  • Amy

    Omg your animals are just adorable! I love long haired animals, they are so cuddley! xxx

  • @Amy – aw thanks! yeah me too =) xx

  • Lovely post, good to hear you’re done with uni going into my second year in sept. Your photo’s are really lovely :)