my week in pictures #35

this is a quick ‘my week in pictures’ as im just about to head to the cinema with my mum to see bridesmaids! i haven’t seen it yet and really want to watch a film that will give me a giggle so fingers crossed this is the film to do that. i have a pretty pantaloons week which i have been complaining a lot about on twitter. sorry twitter! so instead i escaped home and indulged in a hella lot of shopping (sorry overdraft!)




1. flipflops and escalators are DANGEROUS! if you stay on too long your flip flop will get stuck in the teeth of the elevator. you will embarrass yourself in a large busy shopping mall and you will retrieve your flip flop to find a large chunk missing. rip flip flops!

2. an appalling photo i know but its the only one i had. i went to see death cab for cutie on thursday at brixton. its the third time i’ve seen them and they were as good as ever. the opened with my favourite track and played a couple of songs from pretty much every album. the audience didn’t seem to interested in them but i was happy =)

3. you can tell im at home when there is a photo of westfields on my week in pictures! yes i took another trip there i really have an unhealthily love with this place. they had a good food live set up going on and mum was able to see some tv chefs she loves which kept her happy while i was shopping up a storm in mac!

4. my bag filled with faaaaar too many goodies and meaning i can not check my bank balance for a while or unless im sitting down!

5. took my new look palazzo pants out for the first time today to the kings road. was hoping to casually run into the entire cast of ‘made in chelsea’ but sadly it was not to be. i did however by some more from mac HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE and so did my mum so i didnt feel so bad :D

6. watching an 11/12 year old on t4 on the beach who sounded like an older female singer!

hope you all had a good week and hope they were all stress free and happier then mine! however my mac attack has done a great job at improving my mood


  • I’m getting the feeling your a fan of Mac lol :-)

    Nat x

  • @Natalie – haha i am indeed!!xx

  • MAC attack! I cannot let myself into MAC unless I have a clear plan of what I want, because who knows what would happen if I had a lot of cash and no plan!


  • @Savannah – massive MAC attack!! that’s a good idea. that place is unsafe without a clear thought out plan!xx

  • Gem

    Oh no, look at your flip flop! I think you may genuinely have given me a fear of escalators now, evil shoe chewers! xx

  • @Gem – im scared going on them now! never again in flip flops!!xx