my week in pictures #33

THE SUN IS OUT! and im roasting like a donkey. i love how british we are complaining when its cold then complaining when the sun is out that we are too hot! my next two weeks are being spent helping out people on my framework with their filming for their masters project so hopefully if the sun sticks around i will be able to see some of it =)



1. how awesome does this look?! i found this little gem of a leaflet when i was getting lunch one day this week. my aim is to do this tour before i leave bournemouth. i think it will be a nice way to say goodbye =)

2. i went to the o2 last night with my mum as for her birthday i bought her tickets to see gleeeeeeeee!

3. pretty makeup! we went to the sky backstage bar before the start of the concert and they have a awesome paparazzi wall where you can get your photo taken and also a dressing room where you can have your makeup done! oh and also a bar where we have some cocktails :P

4. GLEE! well almost :P i couldnt get any decent photos while they were on but they were amazing! i don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is going to see it but you won’t be disappointed!

5. yes that is a group of boys playing rugby on the motorway! driving back to bournemouth there was a massive accident that caused the m3 to be closed north side (opposite side to which i was going in) we were only help up for about 30 mins but due to the opposite lame being closed it meant no traffic therefore ample opportunity to frolic along the motorway!

hope you all had a great week =)

  • Gem

    I’m so jel that you went to see Glee! I heard about it too late so when I tried to get tickets there weren’t any good seats or dates left. Glad you had a great time though! xx

  • Ahh, the makeup table is love! Looks like you had a great week!


  • I’m going to see Glee on thursday, so excited and i’m near the front too! x

  • awesome outfit &post!!!!
    congratulation honey!!=D

  • I’m loving your blog babe, great pictures :)

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog, I’d love it if you took part

  • @Gem – aw thats a shame. fingers crossed they do another tour next year as they really put on a great show!xx

    @Savannah – it was a beautiful makeup table i just wanted to play with it all!!xx

    @Fudgesmoothies – hope you had a great time!!xx

    @Bethany Heron – thanks!xx

  • Ah ha I saw Glee at the O2 too – we might have been at the same one? How amazing was it though? sooo good! And can’t believe those boys playing rugby on the motorway – absolute jokes x

  • @Helen – ah no way! which one did you go to? i went on saturday and they were awesome!!xx