my week in pictures #32

what a week! it has included a film screening of an ex-student’s feature film, going to nandos, having my boiler break on me and finally picking a london office for our big move in august!


1. a sign that speaks the truth (tho it should say cocktails not beer :P)
2. lymington harbour where i went with my parents for father’s day. we surprised my dad (he had no idea where we were going or which town we were going to) and luckily he loved it and said he had a great day :D

3. my garlic king prawns starter OMNOMNOM

4. sunday roast with literally one of thee best yorkshire puddings i have ever had. it was massive and it made me so so happy. also the carrots were lush! i love a good carrot me in a roast!

hope you’ve all had a great week and the wet weather hasnt put too much of a dampener on things! loving how i am writing this at 9.52pm and its just dusk outside. roll on the summer where i can make the most of these beautiful long nights =)