my week in pictures #31

so another week is done and dusted! this is oxford is well and truly wrapped and now we are spending time going through the footage and editing everything together! exciting stuff! this week also marked my summerball! this is a massive party in a field for bournemouth university. it is mandatory fancy dress and a lot of fun!!



1. a cheeky cath kidston purchase! i needed a new glasses case and my mum got one from their store in bicester which i love so i helped myself to one online =) isn’t their packaging adorable! adds so much more value to a product

2. my summerball outfit. i went as the queen of hearts

3. me in my outfit crown and all :P

4. my makeup and hair for the big ball! i used my straighteners to add a bit of volume to my hair and curl the ends. i then did big bold eyebrows and a red and black smokey eye

5. me and my old flatmate andy who went as popeye!

hope you all had a great week! i’m going to curl up and sleep off this hangover ready to start a new week fresh tomorrow

  • Love your hair and makeup! This made me laugh aloud “it is mandatory fancy dress” !


  • Caz

    Love your outfit and your makeup looks lovely too :) xx

  • @Savannah – thanks lovely! haha and it is mandatory :P xx

    @Caz – thanks sweets!!xx