my week in pictures #30

evening all! you will most likely be ending another brilliant #bbloggers chat which sadly i missed out on again =( damn you busy life!
this week in pictures is pretty much going to be a masters project special! yup after me stressing, getting ill from being stressed and hoping the world would end so i wouldn’t have to shoot, i have finally shot my pilot for this is oxford! i was a nervous wreck before hand but i had some amazing people be part of it and everything *touch wood* worked out really well! i was like a proud mother all weekend!!
here are some photos from location in oxford!





1. punting scene! must have been mad to put my director, camera man with the camera and two actors on a punt!! luckily the footage looks awesome and it was well worth all the risks!

2. casual filming of two characters having a conversation by the university!

3. standard park scene with the boys running followed by the stretching and talking about their next big night out

4. good old nightclub scene!

5. cafe scene

6. my new best friend herbert. my friend at oxford has big reef aquarium and herbert is a new addition. least to say it was love at first sight :P

hope you all had a great week! im going to sleep for a day!!

  • Nightclub scene, I wish I was of clubbing age! You looks like you had a great week! I’m so happy you finally got your pilot shot!


  • that outdoor cafe looks beautiful :)