my week in pictures – easter special! #25

hello all =) hope you’ve had a great second bank holiday weekend. its going to be quite a shock going back to work now!
as you can see i’ve been playing around with my blog a bit. i wanted to increase the size so i could begin to upload bigger and better quality pictures. hopefully it works and you all like it =)





1. lola stuck in her wigwam in the garden!! had to take a photo of it haha bless her <3

2. having a grand old 99p ice cream in the park with my friend louisa. enjoying the sunshine, the deer and of course the ice cream!

3. the london eye the night before the royal wedding. made me feel so excited to be home and excited for the royal wedding

4. my street’s street party for the royal wedding. bouncy castle and all!

5. instead of going to the street party mum and i scampered off to harrods instead. we sat at the ice cream parlour in the food hall and shared a hot fudge sunday. not gonna lie one of the best ice creams ive ever had!

6. enjoying a very british scone with clotted cream and jam at the end of the night =)


p.s – i am outraged at blogger that this didnt go up yesterday! i’ve never missed a ‘my week in pictures’ and naughty blogger did put up my scheduled post *sobs*

  • I love how shady Lola’s wigwam is. Like it’s about to fall to bits at any second. haha.

    Lola is cute. Wish I had a rabbit. Looked after my neighbours once when he went on holiday and it lay dead under the shed for 2 weeks. They told me I wouldnt see it very often coz it was shy so didnt think anything of it not being around. Ooops. :s


  • Lola is the cutest thing ever! how adorable! i wish I had someone that cute to cuddle away!!
    yum yum yum scone!! xxxx

  • @Georgia – bahah that comment just proper made me LOL out loud!! back in the day her wigwam was the shiz but then she turned into a heffa and sat on it and broke it :/ so now she just gets stuck in it instead. maybe a rabbit isnt the best pet for you…. :P xx

    @Sundari ♡ – naw thankies! i got her especially for cuddling!xx

  • hahahaha. Where do you even buy rabbit wigwams from? Mental.


  • @Georgia – pets at home duhh ;P xxx