my week in pictures #29

this is the first time i’ve missed a ‘my week in pictures’
yesterday was literally manic! went to oxford in the morning to location scout for the tv pilot i’m filming for my masters project later this week. then i literally had to race back from oxford, get changed and head back out to my friends house for dinner. so that’s my excuse for ‘my week in pictures’ popping up today!




1. FAIR! every bank holiday when i’m home me and my friend go on a fair hunt. as you see we love the fair. we scout out all the fairs that are open and decide which one is best. clearly a great way to spend a bank holiday :P this sign obviously made our pick as a great fair option!

2. i went to see the hangover 2 on friday night. a lot of people that have seen it said it wasnt as funny as the first one but i preferred it! i don’t know whether it is because i saw the first one streamed on my laptop so i didnt enjoy it as much but i found the 2nd one to be very funny

3. SPENDING BAN IS OVER! yup you read it here first. yes i didn’t last till june like i said i would but i got paid and i caved

4. late night shopping in asda for snacks for a movie night results in impulse haircare buys. i fancied trying a moose so picked up this gem from vo5. then i saw the weather resistant claims from this vo5 hairspray and knew i had to put it to the test :P

5. oxford! the reason for being so busy yesterday and so shattered this morning. oxford is such a beautiful town and we have some great locations to choose from =)

hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the bank holiday today

  • cant wait to see what u bought from mac :)

  • @Cotton – am uploading a video of everything i bought now. should be up soon!xx

  • I love the VO5 hairspray, I used it all throughout the snow in December last year and I didn’t get a hair out of place! x

  • Gem

    I love your weeks in pictures! You’re so much more organized than me, I always forget to take my photos! xx

  • @Karla – glad you liked it! am impressed it kept your hair in place throughout winter!!x

    @Gem – naw thankies! haha i think i just obsessively take photos :P xx