my week in pictures #27

hello all you lovely people! i’ve had a pretty non plus week. i’ve mainly just been going to work, having meetings about my masters project and getting back into my gym routine. here are some photos of what i have been up tophoto-5






1. photo of charlotte that my mum sent. can’t believe she is going to be 17 this year! still a very pretty kitty

2. bliss chocolate which really is…well…bliss!!

3. my eurovision party! live stream on one screen and twitter open on another. big tv moments are not the same anymore without the great twitter banter that goes along with them

4. no eurovision party would be complete without indulging in a takeaway and indulge i did with an indian takeaway. NOM!!

5. mum and i were whatsapping throughout the eurovision (as sadly she isnt on twitter :P) and this comment just made me having a big old lol! clearly she is the worlds next big music critique :D

6. lola accompanying me for the eurovision party. sweden was her favourite as she wants to be popular just like him!

7. today i was literally bored out of my mind!! so i was naughty and bought some dvd’s. techhhnically it doesnt break my spending ban as it wasn’t on my list of things i couldn’t buy but still it was a naughty purchase. i couldn’t resist tho as i wanted to buy the september issue and as it was party of two for £10 i sneaked valentine’s day into my basket too =)

hope you all had a great week lovelies

  • Some great pics hun :) xxx

  • @Carlito86 – thankies =) xx

  • Oh, the chocolate looks simply amazing!

  • Ke

    this is such a cute idea, the whole week in pictures :) might steal the idea from you at some point! :D the chocolate looks so wonderful i think i’m going to get myself some cadbury! please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment :)