an alternative glossy box review


so you’ve seen it all before. the first glossy box was delivered this week and it contained a 30ml nars illuminator in orgasm amongst other things. there are a fair few posts floating around the blogging world which will clearly show you the ins and outs of what the box contained but i wanted to give you a different perspective

amongst all the hype and excitement was this £10 monthly subscription really worth it?


the box and packaging is beautiful. literally beau-tif-ul. the box it was posted in is not your average cardboard box. it is printed with the glossy box logo and looked a stunner sitting in the office post tray. sitting inside that pretty box laid another even prettier pink box. inside this pink box was all the goodies packaged in tissue paper and a letter about your box all tied together in a bow

now this is all good and well but with all this time and effect spent in the packaging you begin to wonder are they just trying to distract you from what they have inside? when it comes down to it you will be spending £10 a month for a box of what is typically free products. for example one of the products in the box states ‘sample not for sale’ however if glossy box manage to work their magic and work with pr companies to get bigger and better samples this box is defiantly a winner


even more cleverly then providing you with a beautifully distracting luxury box the first box contains a big product. from a big brand. by placing this product, the nars illuminator, in this box people who bought this box will keep their subscription and everyone who hasnt got one will promptly place an order. all clever pr. as to be honest the only product i will use from this box is the nars item and possibly the all for eve lipstick a bit. im more interested in makeup then skincare and haircare and i might dabble with the other products but no doubt they will get put in the back of my cupboard/given to my mum

now this all might sound a bit negative but i feel when you subscribe to something like this and are ultimately shelling out £120 a year you want to make sure it is worth it. unless they keep the big brands and a big sample each month i think people may quickly unsubscribe

am i going to keep my subscription? for now yes. as long as i have the money and they keep on delivering good products i think i will. especially as you can easily quit when you want to there is no harm in being subscribed at the moment. while they are getting the brand off the ground i think the goodies each month will be quite impressive to keep the buzz going

i hope you found this post interesting amongst the array of other glossy box posts. i wanted to make mine slightly different and highlight some of the issues people might not have mentioned =)

  • hey,
    I am so unsure whether to bother of not with this.

    i seem to have collected a massive draw of travel size products etc for when i go on holiday but i never go away enough to use them all.

    I also have more makeup and skincare then i could ever use .. so really i will just be spending £10 for a present sent to my door as a treat….as you said tho if they keep putting in good names like nars then it might be worth it… if they end up sticking in a load of products with names i have never heard of then maybe not!

  • @Steph xox – that was my worry when i first ordered it. i didnt want to end up with products i wouldnt actually use. i think if they still to the big brands and great samples they will at least have me still subscribed :D xx

  • I thought the same – as everyone has seen the first box comes with a full size Nars product they will sign up and perhaps end up with a pretty bad box next month.. I might wait and see what next months is like too! xo

  • I subscribed a while ago, but my first box will be next month. Glossy box people told me on Twitter that next box will be better. We’ll see. I have seen the Glossy Box from Germany, whose been runnign for a few months now and they seem fine. I saw the ones from Brazil, they totally su*k! Hopefully, th UK one will be better, or maybe better than the German one!

  • Great post, now following :) xx

  • i’m gonna hold out on this little box! i don’t really feel like forking out that much and i’ve heard a few dodge things about cancelling… will see how good the next few boxes are and if i have enough money i’ll join in, but till now, i’ll share in the excitement and reviews of the products they give. MUCH more interested in those :) xxx

  • This is such a refreshing ‘glossy box’ article compared to all the others I’ve read. I thought that too- you’re essentially paying £10 for PR products but then the risk is that you unsign/dont sign up and next month it’ll be amazing! It’s like gambling but for makeup addicts! hahaha xxx

  • @Katie Marie ♥ – i think if they can keep with the big brands and samples they are onto a winner otherwise its not worth the money xx

    @Ms Bubu – ah i haven’t seen the glossy boxes in other countries! will check that out. hopefully the uk one is better :p xx

    @Miss EBlog – thanks!xx

    @Sundari ♡ – i think quite a few people are doing that. i think the next few boxes will really set out the quality of the rest of them xx

    @Sprinkleofglitter – aw thankies lovely lady!! i think a lot of people do get wrapped up in the hype and forget about what the products essentially are. haha i clearly am a makeup gambling addict :P xx

  • I have just ordered mine! I was so gutted to miss the box with the Nars products! I don’t get my 1st one until July :( Hope its as good as Mays and Junes! I may give it a go for a few months and see how i get on with it! xxx

  • I think as you say, you are basically being charged for free samples that you can’t even choose, I think glossy boxes are for people who genuinely like trying a vast range if products including unknown brands. I imagine a lot of the boxes contain ‘filler’ products so not sure if they’ll be worth £10 per month.

  • @Sadie – yeah i think that’s what most people are doing. hopefully they can maintain a fairly high standard throughout all the boxes xx

    @Sparkle&Grey – pretty much which is why some people feel like its a con. i didn’t realise they would give you so many unknown brands. i think ill keep my subscription until the price increase is enforced xx

  • I just got my Glossybox Germany, and thought it might be of interest as it has been running here for quite a few months and I think this is the fifth one they’ve done.

    It contained:

    13 ml dermalogica exfoliating powder
    5 ml Lancome lipstick
    1.5 ml versace perfume
    25 ml versace shower gel
    25 ml versace body lotion

    Good brands, a couple of things I’d want to try, but I paid for this and as someone else pointed out these were all giveaway size samples printed ‘not for sale’. My husband said he didn’t think they looked worth a tenner and I get similar things thrown in the bag for nothing when I shop instore.

    I’ve decided to cancel, as I signed up to try new things, yes, but also for the ‘deal’ on the one full size product I believed would be included in every box.

    Instead I’ve decided to allocate $10 a month towards buying myself a new shower gel, lipstick or something else that I want to try and consider that a ‘full size sample’ – at least it will be something know I want to try and am paying the going rate for than getting five tiny pr samples of things that don’t necessarily interest me at

  • @Munichjoolz – thanks so much for commenting this! i know a few of us brits wondered what you got in the boxes in germany as it has been running a bit longer. nice to see you get some well known brands in there but you are right your ultimately paying for something that you could get for free from the brands directly and then you can spend the money on something you actually want xx