my week in pictures #21

another week another my week in pictures post! this week has been hectic with having to travel to the o2 twice for work and having a group presentation due at the end of the week. to top things off ive got an essay due too which i have to finished before i go away =( have been able to distract myself from doing that quite well!
1. new starbucks logo!
2. my summerball ticket arrived in the post this week. this is a big end of year ball in a field with everyone in fancy dress at my uni followed by a 5am survivors photo on the beach. i can’t wait!
3. dont judge me. i had to. its just too good not to!! yes the only way is essex dvd

4. as im going away my friend at uni is very kindly looking after lola for me. this is a photo he sent me of her. obviously she is making herself well at home!
5. at westfields today they had the big fashion wardrobe set up. there was a catwalk with a live runway show and lots of little set up walk in wardrobes. looked pretty cool =)
hope you’ve all had a great week and are having a lovely mother’s day