my week in pictures #18

this week has pretty much been filming filming filming! lent started on wednesday and this year (as i do with most years) i have given up chocolate, coke, crisps and takeaways. fingers crossed i can stick to it!
here are some photos and apologies that they are mostly from my shoot
1. on thursday for work me and my business partner (yes i hate saying that :P) had to drive up to the o2 and back in a day. as his car has been playing up i did the driving and as a thank you/hungry moment we went and had a big old meal at chiquito’s NOM
2. on thursday was lola’s second birthday! this is a birthday card that my mum sent her which i thought was sweet =)
3. this is us on our first day filming. here we are filming a shot for an augmented reality piece to show our groups creativity and interactive skills :P
4. fun drive by shoot! here we had someone in the passenger seat of the car with the camera filming our actors as they pegged it down a car park. was a fun way to finish the first day
5. this is a shot from today where we filmed our actor, who is a ballet dancer, for our trailer. was nice to watch a bit of ballet early on sunday morning =) a great end to the week too
hope you all had a great week and are getting some sun where you are. spring is in the air!
  • Good luck with lent! I love your week in pictures posts! I just did a “my day in pictures” post, I wish I could remember to snap pics throughout the week! :P


  • @Savannah – thanks hun! glad you like them =) i loved your ‘my day in pictures post’ it still looks great!x

  • Wow well done you for giving up so much for Lent! I’m slightly embarrassed to know say I’ve given up nothing, oops. But good luck, hope you’re keeping up with it! Also, is that Sainsbury’s car park in Poole? (I lived in Corfe house as a fresher so know it well ha). Hope your filming went well :) x

  • @Helen – thanks! this week i’ve already wanted chocolate a lot but im getting there =) yeah that is the sainsburys car park in poole! my crew lived in corfe so we did a lot of filming around there which was nice xx