my week in pictures #17

this week i managed to scrape hold of an ounce of a social life! i went to see blue valentine on tuesday. if you get the chance to see it defo go! it hasn’t been released mainstream but defo worth a watch if you can. i also went to see ray lamontagne on wednesday. he has such a great voice so am glad i went =)
here are some photos of everything else i’ve been up to
1. my inner geek. we bought some test phones at work last week for a project we are working on. and yes i have wasted many an hour playing around on them :D
2. my first liz earle order – review to come soon. i just love how its packaged and you get a little letter from who packaged it for you. will defo be ordering from them again. customer service is a big plus point for me keeping me loyal with brands that do it well
3. shellac nails! got my first shellac application on friday. i was to try and get my nails to grow but they are forever breaking so figured i would give shellac a go and see whether it would help them grow. it also means i don’t have to faff around with putting on nail varnish each week and having to witness it chipping away each day
4. my hair in rollers! got my highlights redone on saturday and when the hairdresser asked how i would like my hair blow dried i replied with ‘anything but straight’ i have never had my hair in rollers before and they excited me! they didn’t curl my hair but added volume. loved it so much i’ve already gone to superdrug and bought some for myself!
5. PANCAKES! woo pancake day is almost upon us :D as i was at home this morning my mum offered to make pancakes which of course i jumped at the chance! i love making pancakes on pancake day and splurging on chocolate and coke before i give them up for lent
6. let the chocolate splurge begin! my housemate just surprised me with this from the shops =) 2 days till lent im gonna make these days count :P
hope you all had a great week
  • R.

    I’m so addicted to my blackberry!! :p

    the nail colour is so pretty!


  • Jo

    As if you’ve got an Easter Egg already!! Hehe, early bird :) xxx

  • I love the nails!

  • @R. – i have so much for playing with the blackberry in the office! glad you like the nails =) xx

    @Jo – early bird indeed! gotta make the most of it before lent starts!!xx

    @vanilladreams – yay glad you like!xx

  • Nice nails ;)

  • @lady_flower123 – thanks!x