my week in pictures #16

can you believe it’s sunday already?? this week has felt like a blur. one uni project ends the day another one starts and full steam ahead at work. fun times!
only a few pictures this week
enjoy =)
1. home made sweet and sour chicken stir fry. was nommy! is nice getting into the routine of cooking again and not living off take-aways
2.alexa’s first day in the office :P
3. dead rabbit under my bed. luckily lola was not actually dead just lying down having a little stretch and a nap
3. watching the england game and relishing in the fact we beat france =)
hope you all had a great week
  • Caz

    I’m so jealous of your Alexa, I need one in my life ;)
    I wish I could have my rabbits living inside although i’m sure they’d make so much mess!

  • Love your bag, such a great colour

  • @Caz – fingers crossed one enters your life soon =) rabbits arn’t tooo bad to have indoors as you can train them to use a litter tray. as long as you clean them out regularly and hide any wires :P xx

    @Imogen – thankies! i am in LOVE with the colour! perfect anytime of the year xx