my week in pictures #14

well this week has well and truly been pants! this week was my groups time to film for one of our masters projects and it all kicked off on tuesday with me getting ditched by my director and having to cart all the kit home on my own. to top things off my director is literally the rudest man who simply doesnt listen to women. i had to spend 3 days being spoken to like i was an idiot who had no idea what they were doing. even my friend who helped me couldnt get over how he was talking to me
to recover from the week i went out friday night with some friends to let my hair down! amongst all the madness here are some photos from the good parts of my week =)
1. the green screen of death! my whole thursday night was spent in that room and in that photo are some of the offenders of mr rude of the year
2. my life has turned to takeaway. i don’t remember the last time i had a home cooked meal. being busy and feeling pants has meant anything healthy has well and truly gone out the window
3. friday night freedom! to celebrate our success in the company so far we celebrated with slightly too many bottles of champers! it was nice to just get out the house, have some fun and stop worrying for a bit
4. my app of the week :P on saturday i was out all day helping out with my friends shoot which meant i couldn’t watch the england game. i was gutted! instead i had my phone in my hand the entire time and was drastically refreshing this app and receiving updates from my mum. it made the cast and crew happy too as i could keep them updated with the score =)
5. the beautiful location of the shoot of saturday. this is high cliff beach in christchurch bournemouth. it was such a beautiful day and was nice to be on a beach with friends. defo lifts your spirits
pretty glad this week is over and am looking forward to the next! am home on wednesday as it’s my mums birthday thursday. am looking forward to decent food and some pampering with my mum!
this post also marks my full return to blogging! sadly it is has all taken a bit of a back seat recently but i’ve got lots of pictures taken and lots of posts ready to write =)
  • could eat that pizza right now haha

  • try the RFU app too, thats what I was using!

  • @Laura’s Blog – oh it was so good! haha xx

    @Lindsey – ah awesome! will defo have to download that!xx