my week in pictures #13

well it looks like february is gonna be a busy one just like january! already things are off to a flying start with our latest project at work going live and my shoot for one of my masters project happening next week.  hope this year is treating you all well so far and is keeping you busy, happy and prosperous =)
1. arriving at the o2 for work
2. for a girl who doesn’t like hot drinks what does she have at starbucks? a raspberry frappuccino with cream and caramel on top of course!
3. our project in the o2! all live and ready to go =)
4. scripts. pretty much what my entire week has been made up of. reading them, casting them, planning. oh the joy!
5. my poor little living room this morning :p filled with boys and camera equipment. too much on a sunday morning to handle!
hope you all had a great week =)